About The Show

We have all heard the stories. A burly man that wrestles bears, catches fish with his bare hands in frigid running waters, sleeps under an open sky and has the scent of football player's cleat. But really, does this type of a man truly exist?

In northern Canada, hidden away from most modern luxuries, there remains a few hold outs to the ways of the voyageurs. Men who can survive off the land because they work with it. They endure the harshest environments for the sake of doing a good job. These last bushmen have been given this knowledge of the land handed down from the first pioneers to set foot here.

Have a headache? Here, chew on this leaf for a few minutes. Upset stomach? Collect a couple of roots from this plant, boil it and drink it. From swarms of thick mosquitoes, black flies, horse flies, deer flies, and wasps, sometimes coming all at once, to grizzly bears, wolverines, moose to land slides, avalanches, floods, scorching sun and freezing temperatures, these men of the wild endure it all.

Set against breath taking landscape of the largest glaciers and ice fields in the world, massive old growth trees and huge rain forests, this truly is the last frontier. Where few if any, have ever gone and returned to tell the tale, we are now going to reveal. This team of bushmen are guns for hire, working for huge forestry, mining, hydro and utility companies from around the globe, engaging nature at its purest.

Axes, guns, chain saws and even a fishing rod make up a standard survival kit. Bug spray or bear spray... or both! In the summer the days are long and hot but in the winter there is little daylight and freezing temperatures. Join us for this amazing beauty and adventures only the last bushmen could survive.

Acquisition and Availability

Several shorts/teasers are available on this site. Additionally over twelve hours of material is ready to be cut in to a 44 minute pilot, as well twelve synopsis for further episodes have been developed. All the music is original, the content is registered in Canada and the US and all talent have signed releases. Relationships have been established with several corporate partners and we are in negotiations with another larger, national potential.

For a copy of the outline or further details please contact us at the email address below.